can you get to that?

the ramblings of an adult undergrad, who should really know better.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

maximizing my downtime

well. making the most of my first saturday as an undergrad...sitting in the car in the parking lot behind my husband's lab (who is, not coincidentally, a PhD student at this same university), embracing the cliche by drinking my extra-shot-latte, listening to NPR, and editing my blog on the newly-acquired laptop. [ok, fine. it isn't my laptop, per se, but...] my first week of classes is over--a three day week, but nonetheless exhausting. i've been forced to realize what a lazy fatass i am when walking to my first class (a leisurely ten-minute walk up a slight incline) actually winds me. i'm not huffing or anything, but still. [internote: on npr, a man who suffers from parkinson's disease just said "this is not a disease for sissies." amen.] so i have homework to do over the weekend, which my husband assures me i'll be the only one to actually complete. in this sense, being almost 10 years older than most of my classmates gives a distinct advantage--i've done the real-world thing, and i welcome this homework as a break from being an underpaid member of the retail class. the disadvantages to the age gap...well, let's not start that yet.

so. four classes, one of which is a 6-credit intensive language class. they are all 100-level courses; i wanted to slip into the waters gently. all my classes seem interesting--and yes, it's only the beginning, but i am genuinely excited about them. more to come on how that progresses. but now it's saturday and i'm already shirking my homework responsibilities...troublesome indeed.

i just realized my level of nerdity by re-reading the sentence "it's already saturday [afternoon, i might add] and i'm already shirking..." so on. i think we're all in trouble here.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

sarah, sophomore

life changes abound. i'm 27, recently married, and as if trying to maintain a relationship, a home, and my sanity weren't enough...i'm now attempting to finish up my undergraduate degree, as well. at a major state university. i know this isn't out of the ordinary. people much older than me do it all the time. but somehow, i still think it's going to be a walking sitcom.

and then there's my troublesome personality......

stay tuned.